Great Adaptations


Imagine if Dr. Seuss met Mr. Darwin and wrote a book… For centuries, children’s books like The Jungle Book and Aesop’s Fables have delighted millions with mythical stories for why animals do what they do. These stories are imaginative, but there are facts about real animals and plants that are even more fantastical. Great Adaptations contains ten illustrated poems written by Tiffany Taylor in collaboration with some of the most renowned scientists in their field.

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Danielle DeClue, 5*: “A great book for kids, informative and fun. Cute illustrations, a wonderful add to any kid’s book collection for fun stories that will teach them at the same time!”

Amihai Y Schwab, 5*: “This is such a fun and creatively made book. Educators, parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles (etc) will have fun reading these poems with kids and exposing them to the ideas of evolution in a unique and fun way. It is a beautiful way to open up young minds and help them think critically about why things happen in nature.”

Jocelyne Notkin, 5*: “Amazing book for children, love the poems as well as the illustrations. You enter a fantastic world of science where the animals and plants are the main characters. Bravo to the team who created this beautiful book”

Credit to Esabelle Ryngin, Ian McConville and Der-Shing Helmer for illustrations shown